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Company Profile

Primesec is a private owned consulting company to organizations regarding IT legislation and regulations, information security, Cloud security BCP DRP and IT management.

Since its establishment, the company provides solutions in these spheres, while taking into consideration the needs of the organization and its business while interacting with its business and organizational processes.

Primesec provides solutions in the following areas:

  • Organizational compliance with IT regulations and standards (ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, and more).
  • Organizational information security.
  • BCP planning and DRP adjustments for risks and organizational needs.
  • SOX ITGC, Goshen committee.
  • Israeli Privacy Act 1981 regarding Data bases registration and safeguards.
  • Compliance, gap mapping and compliance assisting with the PCI DSS standard.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Penetration tests(Infrastructure & Application)
  • Technological Information security consulting (Hardening’ products configuration’ Firewall audits,etc).
  • Cloud and Saas platphorms Security
  • Application Security – SDLC.
  • Regulatory standards procedures writing.
  • HIPAA requirements compliance audits.

Primesec approach is of an educated combination of the regulatory demands for the organization and its characterization, while combining between the different regulations in order to produce an effective compliance process. The company’s managers and employees are with academic education and a rich experience in the fields of law and computer science, well versed in information security and management of regulatory and technological. They specialize in consulting, integration and risk management at many sectors and companies of the economy, large scale companies to small businesses, while creating a ‘Costume Made Suite’ to the organization characterization and risks it is handling.

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CEOOr Lavi

A certified layer (LL. M) with expertise in law and technology aspects from the Bar Ilan University with a degree in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University. A commanding role in the 8200 army reserves unit. Over 15 years of experience in the field of IT, of them, over 10 years in the information security and regulatory field.

For the past 8 years he actively serves as the CISO in a certain  of insurance companies’ provident funds’ pension funds and financial companies.  For the past 10 years He served as a municipal council member and management and as a board member in a municipal firm society about 5 years.

Further jobs: VP of Law and Regulation’ at ‘Citadel Technologies’ ‘Head of the insurance sector consulting section’ for companies and investment houses specializing in information security in AVNET.

Haggai Sachs – Head of Technology   

20 years of experience in IT management, information security consulting and security risk management for various organizations including in the field of military security. Manages the information technology aspects of all of technological and IT projects in the company. Specializes in regulation compliance guidance such as SOX ITGC and preparations. Characterization of applicative and infrastructure systems, including architecture, information security aspects and support for the system’s production preparation.

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