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Legal services in the fields information technology and information systems

Primesec provides legal services in the following subjects:

  • Legal consulting in subject of complying the law demands, rules and regulations, in focus on –  the Commissioner of Capital Markets Regulations, the Commissioner of Banks Regulations, SOX, ISO  27001:2013, Protection of privacy law, the Anti-Spam law, assistance in the compliance process for HIPAA , ISO27001:2013, standard, PCI-DSS, etc’.
  • Legal accompanying in subjects of privacy protection, instructions of Privacy Commissionner including personal review.
  • Contracts of depositing source code (Key escrow).
  • Integration of information security requirements in networking.
  • Integration of technology requirements in contracts
  • Audit application compliance to legal or regulation requirements
  • compliance of change management the law and regulation requirements.
  • Audit of implementing of standards in the organization.

Or Lavi, CEO of the company, lawyer since 2001 and dealing in the field of information security and regulation since 2004, as result he experts in laws and regulations that relevant, in addition to wording contracts and communications in verity of fields. The company knowledge combines between the world of regulation and law and the world of IT and technology, it allows Primesec to provides a professional consultant in matters of complying the various regulations, considering the technological complexity in each organization.