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Disaster Recovery Planning (or DRP, in short) is a plan that allows the organization’s fast recovery from a breakdown of its computer systems. The breakdown could be a single server/service shutdown up to a total and absolute of all organizational computer systems and services.

A DRP plan is a part of a larger and comprehensive plan that prepares the organization for a full business continuity in such an events as malfunction in a specific system up to a full collapse of the organization systems. This larger plan is called: a Business Continuity Planning (or BCP, in short).

Primesec specializes in planning BCPs and adjusting DRPs for the organizational needs and risks. The program includes:

  • an organized site survey, services and systems mapping, risk mapping.
  • scaled prioritizing and handling of identified risks, in relations to their severities and the organizational definitions and needs.
  • preparing a set of required parameters in conjunction with the management.
  • Creating a plan which includes: a backup plan, procedures and required documentations, creating and writing a and practical exercises and tests. The plan is laterally and includes the entire organizational functions and activities and integrates managerial, organizational and technological aspects.
  • Preparing and execution emergency exercise for testing the BCP plan.