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Organizational Information Security and Cyber Defense

High percentage of information security and Cyber events that occurred in recent years happened due to lack of knowledge and awareness of employees to this issue. Today one to the bigget threats for organizations is an attack from the internal organization network, proper training and awareness of the organization employees can prevent a variety of dangers and attacks, including APT,Malware infections, Ransomware, Phishing that helps Attackers to gather sensitive data of the organization.Therefore, in order to fight and eradicate the risks arising from the human resources within the organization, Primesec sees an urgent need in raising the of organizational information security awareness by building an organized and structured method. Implementing information security and Cyber defense measures is not only a technological change but a change in the organization’s user way of thinking and behaving.

The consequences of information security and Cyber events, aside from the organization’s imagery damage, they cause financial damage due to loss of customers, competitiveness damage and a damage to its market share, thus driving to a financial risk.

In this area, Primesec offers the following services:

  • Full organizational information security and Cyber defense management.
  • Information security and Cyber projects management.
  • Creating information security and Cyber operational policy and procedures.
  • Instilling and explaining the information security and Cyber domain to the top executive management.
  • Execution of risk surveys.
  • Definitions and controls of information security and Cyber work plans.
  • Raising employee’s awareness activities to threats and ways avoiding.
  • Infrastructure aspects consulting.
  • Network aspects consulting.
  • Assisting in information security and Cyber Defense in applications design.
  • Adjusting information security and Cyber defense requirements in communications with employees, customers and vendors.
  • Physical hardware and documents security consulting.
  • Cloud computing consulting.
  • Information security audits in products and vendors systems.
  • Smartphones consulting.
  • Implementation of employee’s awareness raising activities – training, surveys and campaigns.
  • Adjusting information security communications requirements with employees and vendors.
  • Risk Assessments for Infrastructure and Application.