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Adapting organizational law, regulation and standardization


Primesec has an experienced and professional team of experts that’s specializes in the field of implementing processes and regulations. As part of the business consulting process, Primesec also specializes in adapting standards and regulations and can assist in implementing your organization professionally and effectively to new standards.

Instructional application is a complex process that requires careful preparation in accordance with the nature of the organization. Activities required for the implementation of directives will be derived in accordance with the organization’s business activities and the degree of readiness requirements of the directive. Primesec accompanies financial institutes in in implementing the specific regulatory requirements ranging from gap mapping analysis and creation of work plans through regular basis risk analysis surveys up to maintenance and various regulatory aspects, while providing adjustments to the organizational regulations, nature, activities, users and systems.

  • Compliance with the 1981 Privacy Act with emphasis on privacy security (Databases Registration).
  • Instructions of The Capital Market division of Ministry of Finance, including Circular of cyber risk managment at institutional Bodeis regarding information security risks of the financial institutions 2016-9-14.
  • Mapping and compliance to proper banking procedure 357, 355, 361.
  • Compliance and gap mapping with PCI DSS of the credit cards companies association.
  • The GOSHEN comity – ISOX.
  • Compliance with ILITA (The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority).
  • Information security law and justice consulting while adjusting commitments with the various regulatory requirements.