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Information securiy – Why?

In present days, most corporate data is managed and processed by IT systems. Alongside the benefits of computerized data management, there are risks using computerized systems. These risks include unauthorized disclosure of information, damage or disruption of information etc. which can lead to damaging the organization’s activities, data theft etc.

Information security assists in dealing with technological developments growing threats and hazards. Information security assists in the creation of controls and defenses in different areas, aimed to adapt to the organization nature and operation.

Why do we need regulatory consulting?

For the past few years, the number of information security regulations and standards that organizations need to incorporate have increased exponentially.  Information security events lead Israeli regulators to create new instructions and regulations every year and on various subjects, adding them to required international standards. The organizations need to comply with a prolonged and demanding requirements on various fields without having enough knowledge and/or resources for it.

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Why Primesec?

Primesec Ltd. Is a private consulting company. We consult organizations regarding information security, information technology, IT & Privacy regulations, SOX ITGC, BCP, regulations of The Protection of Privacy Law and more.

Our main value is a fast, professional and adequate response to the information security, regulatory and technology needs of our customers. We believe that staying on schedule and providing our customers with personal and continuous attention will allow us to provide and respond a fast, efficient and qualitative solutions for their immediate events and needs.

Primesec is comprised of a highly experienced and professional team of consulting experts with extensive experience in all areas of information security and regulation consulting, including information security regulations, networking and communication products, information security and cyber Defense Products, information management systems, project management of these areas, Cyber Attacks, APT Attacks, Ransomware and more.

Our Goal:

To provide you with an address to all your information and regulatory security needs.

To provide solutions to internal and external auditing in this areas.

To remove any unnecessary burden which is not connected directly to core business purpose of the organization and to elevate its level.

What do we offer?

Primesec offers a wide range of services, such as:

  • Methodological organization consulting.
  • Designing and implementing systems solutions.
  • Implementation and integration of information security management systems in accordance with the organization’s regulatory dictated needs.
  • Writing the organization’s information security policy and procedures in accordance with its culture.
  • Developing, implementing and actual training of courses in information security aspects and awareness of the organization.
  • Adjusting the organization’s systems to renewable platforms.Adapting suppliers and employees legal and regulatory agreements and requirements.
  • Designing and implementing BCP and DRP plans.And more…

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